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Education Programs -> Tips for Your Trip

Program Length and Information:

Capacity is limited to 75 students max per session.

Indoor: 20-45 minutes in length according to program chosen


-         Allow 20 minutes for live animals visit

-         30 minutes for bird feeder construction

-         60 minutes for insect collection or walk in nature

-         30 minutes discussion

Dress appropriately for the season and activity, and weather (sturdy shoes, raincoats, hats, etc…).


Picnic spot is available for groups (up to 40), prior notification must be made, except in winter and wet weather; snacks and drinks are available.

Gift Shop: The center has a small gift shop. Items for sale include the Animal Encounter booklet, T-shirts, Mugs, pins, cards, and toys with nature and science in mind. All revenues go back into our educational program, animal feeding and maintenance of the center.

Arrival and registration

Please try to be on time, as other visits might be scheduled for the day. If for any reason of late arrival, please call for rearrangements.

The responsible teacher should be registering the she itudents upon arrival and should be knowing the total number of children and adults attending.

Contributions should be made by check or cash only.

Special offers:

-         A group of 100 students: 10 students for free

-         A group of 75 students: 5 for free

-         A group of 50 students: 3 for free

Prior notice should be made for cancellation, 2 days ahead before your scheduled visit.

Weather conditions
Plan ahead and be prepared for the weather. Dress appropriately for the season and activity

Directions: Aley - Ras ElJabal Area - You can follow the arrow of symposium Aley 2000 - Sculptures are exhibited. End of the the sculpture area on your left, and then turn left again down hill 300 m.

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