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Education Programs -> Elementary

Elementary and High School Program (G6-G12) An important introduction about environment, and the needs for animals to survive: Food, Water, Shelter, Air and Sun, will be discussed with the attending groups and students. This will be followed by the below mentioned topics of your choice: 

Mammals: From herbivores, insectivores, to carnivores and omnivores, the students will be able to know the amazing role these animals in nature, their way of defense for survival, and their habitat requirements.

The role of the Predators: Several examples will be used to understand the role of the predators and their importance in nature, and how they make their living and survive by catching other animals, since they are misunderstood in their vital role in nature and their hunting, in addition to the stress on the life cycle and the natural balance that should be maintained. Fiction Stories vs. Real facts: Stories about bats, owls, hyenas, foxes, wolves, reptiles, are all used in fiction stories for kids, which will affect the reality towards these creatures.

Special presentations

Animals with bad reputations session will clarify and reveal the truth and the real facts will help in changing the faulty thinking and bad attitudes towards these animals, which will be detrimental for those creatures (wolves are becoming endangered in Lebanon, and the hyenas threatened). Adaptations: lots of examples will be used to stress on the adaptations of animals, like the Night creatures and therefore you will learn what will make them adapted for night (eyesight) and have a close up idea without staying up at night, as well as the winter adaptations (furry animals, eating less) or hot weather adaptations (loss of fur, moving less).  Birds: Learn about the amazing characteristics and features of birds, their importance in maintaining the natural balance, their role in agriculture, their habitat, their fate with pesticides’ use, deforestation, and the general erosion of the country. An attempt is followed to help in educating and making the new generation and students more aware of the remaining migratory and resident birds of Lebanon, as the country has once been considered as having a very interesting bird population because of its geographical position, that has a passage migration much more spectacular than most countries can have, thus encouraging conservation and restricting the unceasing destruction of the birds through the chaotic and disorganized hunting.   

Forests and Plants :

Students will be able to tour inside the center and be guided to the different trees and shrubs, that are indigenous to Lebanon, tell about their use, their importance, and can access the library to know more about those plants.


Outdoor activities: label a tree - hug a tree - know the age of the tree - threats and adaptations are to be covered through a walk in nature having the trees as major topic.

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